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Miss Pre Teen - Winner - Caitlyn Patterson
1st Runner up - Audrey Burton
2nd Runner up - Keiley Johnson
28 entrants in Miss Pre Teen

Miss Teen Winner - Chloe Thomas
1st Runner up - Kaylyn Loy
2nd Runner up -Kelby Buck
23 entrants in Miss Teen

Tommie Johns Memorial Horse Show Results

Class 1 Lead Line
Haute Rod -Addyson Wilson, Science Hill KY
Little Joe - Taylor Catron. Russell Springs KY
Buttercup - Ellie Grace Lunsford Nicholasville KY
Harley - Bailey Gosser, Russell Springs, KY
Bentley - Ryan Hall Falkner, Upton KY
Dolly - Ciara Gribbina, Campbellsville, KY
Dolly - Peyton Waldron, Campbellsville, KY
Jack's Moon Frost - Madison Curry, Columbia, KY
Jack's Moon Frost - Kaylee Grant, Columbia, KY

Class 2a. Open Park Perfomance
1st - A Beautiful Dreamer. Robert Neagle, Rider; Dianne Neagle, Owner. Campbellsville, KY

Class 3 Pleasure Pony
1st:  TKA Royal Attraction. Parker Puckett, Rider; Wayne Ridge Farm, Owner. Upton, KY

Class 4 Mule Wagon Class
1st: Queen and Lou. David and Ellen Goff, Driver/Owner, Campbellsville, KY

Class 5 Road Pony to Bike 52 & Under
1st:  Regal's Mischief Maker  Jodi Johnson, Driver. Rae Golden, Owner, Ohio

Class 6 Two Year Old Walking
1st:  I'm Jethro White. Charles Tooley, Rider. Jerry Jones, Owner, Dillon, South Carolina

 Class 7 Amateur Chain Racking
1st:  Tarheels Cover Girl. Mariah Hubbard, Rider. Jeff Hubbard, Owner Jeff Hubbard, Russell Springs, KY

Class 8 Walk-Trot 10 and Under
1st:  TKA Royal Attraction. Parker Puckett, Rider   Wayne Ridge Farm, Owner, Upton KY

Class 9 Style Racking
1st: Joses Beauty.  Savannah Upchurch, Rider.  Roger Upchurch Family, Owner, Russell Springs, KY

Class 10 Youth Walking Trail Pleasure 11 and under
1st:  Kool Fortune. Harper Grider, Rider. Triple B Farms, Owner, Columbia KY

Class 11 Flat Shod Trail Pleasure Walking
1st: Tatoos and Tequila. Monroe Mast, Rider. Erika Heaster, Owner, Crawley, WV

Class 12:  Three Gaited Pleasure
1st:  Stonewall's Night on the Town. Tiffany Browning, Rider and Owner, Campbellsville, KY

Class 14 Country Pleasure Walking
1st:  Kool Fortune. Courtney Grider, Rider. Triple B Farms, Owner, Columbia, KY

Class 15 Youth Trail Pleasure Racking 17 and Under
1st:  Ranger. Kelly Moss, Rider/Owner, Edmonton, Ky

Class 16 Novice Walking (No Blue In 2013)
1st:  The American Colors. Billy Selby, Rider/Owner, Russell Springs, KY

Class 17 Five Gaited Pleasure
1st:  Duggan. Dr D.K. Majors Rider/Owner, Corbin, KY

Class 18 3 and 4 Year Old Amateur Walking
1st:  Neyland Courtney Grider, Rider/Owner, Columbia, KY

Class 19:  Trail Pleasure Racking
1st:  Bold and Blue. Julie George, Rider/Owner, Greensburg, KY

Class 20  Amateur Walking
1st:  Big Show. Shannon Nichols, Rider/Owner Ripley, WV

Class 21  Pleasure Trail Ride
1st:  Lady Sandstone. Billy Judd, Rider. Julie George, Owner, Greensburg, KY

Class 23  Open Chain Racking
1st:  Motown's Senator. Sara Beth Gregory, Rider. Conley Gregory, Owner, Monticello, KY

Class 24  Billy Joe Clark Memorial Trail Ride
1st:  Dolly. Clara Gribbins, Rider.  Les Gilpin, Owner, Campbellsville, KY

Class 25 Show Pleasure Walking
1st:  I'm Ring Jemes. Laura Beth Comley, Rider.  Mark Patterson, Owner, Campbellsville, KY

Class 26 Country Pleasure Racking
1st:  Tarr Heels. Mariah Hubbard, Rider. Jeff Hubbard, Owner, Monticello, KY

Class 27 ASB Three Gaited Park Roached & Full Mane
1st:  Teddy Bridgewater. Jodi Johnson, Rider. Wayne Ridge Farm, Owner, Upton, KY

Class 28  Open Shod Spotted Country Pleasure
1st: Sweetie Girl. Helen Williams, Rider/Owner Cane Valley. KY

Class 29  Junior Racking Four Year Old and Under
1st: Fortune In Santana  Roger Byrd, Rider. Roger Upchurch Family, Owner, Monticello, KY

Class 30  Three and Four Year Open Walking
1st: I'm Kramer Giddy Up. Brent Grider, Rider. Wayne Trimble, Owner, Arab, AL

Class 31 ASB Three Gaited Country Pleasure
1st: Mountain Views Prince Royal  Linda Jones, Rider/Owner Monticello, KY

Class 32 Flat Shod Racking
1st Tiff's Spotted Masterpiece. Tiffany Catron, Rider. T&K Stables, Owner, Russell Springs, KY 

Class 33  Speed Racking
1st Racking On a The Edge. Billy Judd, Rider/Owner Greensburg, KY

Class 34 Open Trail Pleasure Racking
1st Cowboy Lady. Jennifer Zeller, Rider/Owner Science Hill, KY

Class 35 Racking Horse Championship
1st Evil's Dark Angel. Roger Byrd, Rider. Wade Milby, Owner, Mt Sherman, KY

Class 36 Walking Horse Championship
1st All American Candidate.  Josh Patterson, Rider. Mark Patterson, Owner, Campbellsville, KY

Class 37  Tommie Johns Memorial Five Gaited Championship
1st Jewel Fire. Jodi Johnson, Rider. Stan Jozwiak, Radcliff, KY


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